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“Door finger guards”, also known as “finger guards”, serve as shield protection to cover the opening on the hinge side of the door. By installing finger guards on doors, finger entrapment is prevented. In schools and kindergartens, many kids still get their fingers pinched between the door. Children often grab and touch their surroundings, which can result in a very nasty injury when they are near a closing door.

Research shows that yearly, thousands of accidents occur where fingers are pinched in between doors. Since door finger guards became mandatory in kindergartens and were being applied in many places were kids came around, in the Netherlands the number of registered visits of children for finger entrapment in doors decreased with an amazing 40% (2008-2014).


Door finger guards for schools and kindergartens are a simple solution to prevent kids from getting their fingers entrapped.  Arte Viva offers multiple finger protectors against finger entrapments, such as Finger Alert 110° and the Finger Alert 170-180° Professional.

Finger entrapment protection for doors

Finger entrapment protection for doors is essential in an environment with growing and playing children. In various countries, finger entrapment protection is already mandatory in schools, kindergartens, day-care centres and nurseries.

Three types of door finger guards

Arte Viva is the specialist in the field of door strips to prevent pinched fingers. Our finger entrapment protection is sold in more than 65 countries across the world. There are different types of protection: which finger guard is best suited for you depends on the situation. Finger Alert 110° is suitable for doors with an opening angle of up to 110° and Finger Alert Professional for doors with an opening angle of up to 180°. The Finger Alert Extreme is suitable for doors that can be opened further than 180°, have a thickness of more than 7 cm and have a different hinge, such as plastic doors and aluminum doors.


Our finger pinch protectors are suitable for private and professional use. The door finger guards are extremely suitable for finger pinch protection in day nurseries, kindergartens, schools, care facilities and other places where many children are.


Besides the door finger protection for the hinge side, Arte Viva offers door finger protection for the handle side. We offer three different door stoppers, the Finger Alert Door BlockerFinger Alert Door Stopper, and Finger Alert Door Slam Stopper.


What is a door finger guard?

Door Finger Guards prevent fingers from being trapped between the door and the door frame. It has happened to most people, a finger caught in the door, a painful experience, especially for children. A slamming door seems harmless at first, but can cause much pain when a finger is caught in the door. Every year, there are numerous reports in hospitals due to pinched fingers. In many cases, pinch protection on the hinge side of the door or a door stopper on the door handle side could have prevented an accident.


Why is it advisable to install a door finger guard?

Finger Alert door finger guards are specially designed to prevent jammed fingers between doors. There is a matching Finger Alert for every door, even for automatic doors. The opening between the door and door frame is harmless when the door is open. However, as the door closes, this gap becomes smaller. The force from a closing door squeezes anything caught in the way, with severe consequences. Prevention is better than cure. Finger Alert door strips completely close this side of the door and make it impossible to get your finger caught in the door.


Which environments are best suited for Finger Alert door finger guards?

Finger Alert door finger guards have become indispensable in environments where children grow up and play. Day care centers, nurseries, kindergartens and schools are the places where finger pinch protection is most common. These environments are set up as safely as possible for children. Anti-jamming door strips are indispensable and often even obligatory for day-care centres, kindergartens and schools. Door strips are also becoming increasingly common in restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals and other public buildings. Arte Viva’s products are also available for private customers through our partners, to make doors in the home safer and prevent trapped fingers.

Do all doors have to be fitted with finger entrapment protection?

Not all doors must necessarily be equipped with finger pinch protection, but make sure that all doors that are accessible to children are protected.


How do I install Arte Viva finger pinch protection?

Arte Viva’s door finger guards are very easy to install. We have several videos in which we explain to you how our Finger Alert products should be installed.

Which door finger guard should I choose?

Arte Viva has finger pinch protection door strips for various types of doors. More information about the different door strips can be found by clicking on the products at the top of this page.


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