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Playgrounds, play parks, and play areas come in various layouts and sizes. You have indoor playgrounds with trampolines, playgrounds in the neighborhood and we cannot forget the schoolyards: all places to enjoy as a child and do what you like best, namely playing outside.


During the late 1800s, the first playgrounds were introduced in the United Kingdom and the United States as development aids for children. However, the design of the playground equipment was not safe, resulting in broken bones and serious injuries. Over the centuries, our knowledge of safety and children's needs developed, improving playground equipment design. Modern playgrounds have become much safer. The surface has become softer and the play equipment leaves less room for an accident to happen. Because of these various adjustments that increase child safety, children can play with minimal safety hazards.






Playing without the children hurting themselves is important. In addition to the standard solutions that play equipment nowadays offer, various adjustments can be made that may not initially have been thought of.
For example, are the doors safe so that children cannot get their fingers caught in the door? Are the walls and pillars protected with fall protectors that absorb the blow? There is more to improve than one may initially think of. Arte Viva offers child safety products for indoor and outdoor playgrounds, including a range of weatherproof solutions. We are happy to give you suitable advice about our products.
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Door finger guards prevent children from getting their fingers pinched and ensure that the hinge and door handle side of the door are protected. This means that children cannot get their fingers caught in the door. You can find more information about our door finger protection for children here.


Corner protection has been developed to cover sharp corners and edges so that children cannot get hurt. The corner protection from Arte Viva comes in different types, with fun colors to stand out or transparent to remain unobtrusive. You can find more information about our corner protection for schools and daycare centers here.


Walls and pillars are sometimes not in the places where you want them, in the middle of a playroom or just too close to the playground. With wall and pillar protection you ensure that a soft and shock-absorbing layer is placed in front of the structure. You can find more information about our wall and pillar protection for children here.


The window protection from Arte Viva ensures that the opening of the window is limited to 10 cm. This way, the window can be opened so that it remains safe for the child. In addition to the protection for the child, the Arte Viva window protection also offers protection against burglary. You can find more information about our window protection for children here.


Child safe mirrors for the classroom, corridor or toilet. A traditional mirror is fragile and shards are created when it breaks. The child safe mirror of Arte Viva is shatterproof and impact resistant. Even in the case of a hard blow the mirror does not break. Children cannot hurt themselves with broken glass. You can find more information about our child-proof mirrors here.


A corridor full of coats and bags hanging on a conventional coat rack can be a potential hazard. The Safe Coat Hook from Arte Viva is strong yet flexible when needed to prevent injuries to children. The different colors make the coat hooks a nice addition to the interior. More information about our coat hooks can be found here.


The Anti Slip stickers are rough stickers that you can attach to different surfaces. The Anti Slip Stickers ensure a non-slip surface. The stickers are easy to attach in places such as, the stairs and in the toilet. More information about our Anti Slip Stickers can be found here.

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I absolutely think this should be on doors where there are children coming and going. I did experience a child at a school get their fingers broken because they put them in the opening by the hinges.

B. Philips - Montessori professional for over 40 years - August 2018, USA