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“Door finger guards” also known as “finger guards” serve as shield protection to cover the opening on the hinge side of the door. By installing finger guards on doors finger entrapments are prevented. In schools and kindergartens still many kids get their fingers pinched between the door. Children often grab and touch their surroundings, so when they are near a closing door, it can result in a very nasty injury.

Research shows that yearly thousands of accidents occur where fingers are pinched in between doors. Door finger guards for schools and kindergartens are a simple solution to prevent kids from getting their fingers entrapped.  Arte Viva offers multiple finger protectors against finger entrapments, such as Finger Alert 110° and the Finger Alert 170-180° Professional.


A fall against a sharp edge or corner easily results in a visit to the doctor. Avoid nasty injuries by protecting dangerous corners and edges with the Corner Guard. There are several corner Guards available, Arte Viva offers four different Corner Guards. Not sure which one is suited? Please contact us so we can give you the best advice.

Arte Viva’s corner guards prevent serious injuries when children stumble and bump into a sharp edge or corner. Corner protection is indispensable at elementary schools, children’s playgrounds and indoor playgrounds. Our Corner Guard Deluxe Pencil has a great design which will be perfect in a place with children.

Corner Guard Deluxe Pen All Three.jpg
Pillar Wall Guard baby falls leg.jpg


The Arte Viva Wall, Pillar and Floor protections are child-friendly designed  to prevent children’s injuries when they bump against the wall or they fall down while playing.

This mat is characterized by its child-friendly design, that apart from looking great, it protects children when they play at kindergartens, nurseries and homes. A collision with a wall or falling when running can have severe consequences for children. The soft material of this mat absorbs the fall allowing children to come off well from an accident. In an environment where children are playing an accident could happen any time. The Floor and Wall mat is a great solution to create a safer environment for children.

Let children play free and safe. Our solutions enable them to develop themselves while playing without the consequences and the pain that a collision can cause. Arte Viva’s child safety solutions offer the peace of mind of knowing that they are having fun.


The window protection from Arte Viva is a simple solution to limiting the opening of the window, so that children cannot climb or fall through it. The Window protection safety lock makes the house safe for children and secures the house against any burglary. 
The window safety from Arte Viva is very recommendable for the first and higher floors of homes and schools. The Window Alert restricts the window opening to 10 centimeter (4 inches), which keeps your child safe and your home secure for unwanted intruders. The window can still be opened normally, but this requires a two handed operation and key. In kindergartens there are often several floors, creating portential dangerous sitiuations, therefore window security locks are very important.

Children should be playing in a free and safe environment, a window security creates a safer environment. These window safety locks for children’s rooms also protect you from burglaries.

Child Safe Mirror kids.jpg


The Arte Viva child safe mirrors are the safe choice for giving rooms a bright and open feeling for kindergartens and child care centers
Children experience their body in the first crucial years of their development.


Our variety of child-friendly mirrors for child care centers are highly reflective and shatterproof: Our big Child Safe Mirror is perfect for children to look at themselves and can be combined individually to meet your needs. This nursery mirror with rounded edges is safe to use in any environment where children are at play.


Our static adhesive stickers give the mirrors a happy look and draw the children’s attention without leaving marks on the surface.


The Arte Viva ‘Safe Coat Hook’ is a child-friendly hook that stimulates children to hang their coats and bags. This wall hook for children has a rounded hook so children will not have any head injuries when they bump into the coat rack.

This hook is characterized by its child-friendly design; The puzzle pieces have different bright colors and can be labeled with a (name) sticker. The hooks make the hanging of coats fun and safe for children making them essential for childcare centers, nurseries, elementary schools and even homes! It creates a safe environment and prevents traumatic head injuries. Playing children will be safe even while hanging up their jacket or backpack. The Safe Coat Hook offers this peace of mind.

Safe Coat Hook complete 1.png
Anti Slip Steps floor .jpg


The colored Anti-slip Steps of Arte Viva prevent slipping on slippery floors or stairs. Children are often busy playing, and thus, not recognizing hazards. Running over a wet floor can therefore end in a nasty fall. ArteViva’s anti-slip stickers feature a robust coating that provides grip to prevent accidents. The colored feet create a safer environment and also function as a mark on the floor and stairs. The anti-slip feet are playful and stimulate the attention of children.

The Anti-slip Steps are anti-slip stickers in the shape of feet. Their special anti-slip layer prevents children from falling, and spares them from getting hurt. The use of the Anti-slip Steps makes your kindergarten, pre-school, elementary school or home safe for children!