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The Window Alert safety lock from Arte Viva is a simple solution to limiting the opening of the window, so that children cannot climb or fall through it. The Window Alert window safety lock makes the house safe for children and secures the house against any burglary. 
The window protection from Arte Viva is highly recommended for the first and higher floors of homes and schools. The Window Alert restricts the window opening to 10 cm (4 inches), which keeps your child safe and your home secure from unwanted intruders. The window can still be opened normally, but this requires a two handed operation and key. In kindergartens there are often several floors, creating potentially dangerous situations. Therefore, window security locks are very important.
Children should be playing in a free and safe environment, and window security creates a safer environment. These window safety locks for children’s rooms also protect you from burglaries.

Window protection

Window protection ensures that children cannot open the windows further than 10 cm, so windows can be safely opened without any incident. As a parent or caregiver, you can remove the safety restrictor with a key and fully open the window. Just as easily, the window opening can be limited to 10 cm by fastening the restrictor.

There are different ways to secure windows for children: window handles, casement stays, casement latches, restrictors and locks. Most of them function only for keeping the window open or closed. As complementary hardware, the window protection is primarily intended as an extra lock to prevent burglary and falling. Our Window protection acts as an extra lock when the window is closed and offers the necessary protection for children when the window is open. The cable provides a connection between the window and the post. The Window Alert is available in white and easy to install with screws.  


How do I unlock the window protection?

You can unlock the window protection with the provided key. When the lock is open, you can slide the cable from the attachment point. This can be done on both sides or you can choose to keep the cable attached on one side.


At what height should the window protection be installed?

Our advice is to attach the window protection above the regular lock, out of reach from children. Generally, it is less practical to attach the Window Alert below the existing lock.


Is one Window Alert enough to make the window safe for children?

Yes, with one Window Alert you limit the opening of the window to 10 cm avoiding the risk children falling through the window and add extra security against burglars.


Is the Window Alert window protection also suitable for windows that turn inwards?

Yes, the Window Alert is suitable for all windows where there’s a proper surface to mount the system on both the window and frame with screws.


How many keys do I get with window protection?

One key is included with each set of Window Alert. 


If I install multiple window protectors, can I open them with one universal key?

Yes, the window protection can be opened from the inside with one universal key. The key of the Window Alert can be used on other Window Alerts.

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