As a brand new parent you can arrange childcare in different ways. Some choose to work less, others choose to arrange childcare within their own circles such as grandma and grandpa and others choose to take the child to daycare. This last form, childcare, makes it possible to accommodate your children on workdays. Most children are brought here before they go to primary school. This can be from 3 months to around 4 years old.


The children who go to daycare learn important skills during this period. They will start crawling through the nursery, learn how to sit and walk in the first years. When the children becomes more mobile, they will discover more and more. During these phases the child is developing, discovering and learning. The balance is very limited in the beginning, therefore you have to keep an eye on the kids and keep them safe.

If the child manages to fall despite good supervision, it is important that they do not get hurt. Child-safe childcare is essential for the children, the parents and the nurses of the children. Children must learn and discover the world. Whether you want it or not, falls and tears are part of this. Nevertheless, serious injuries can be avoided through attentiveness and precautions.   

Arte Viva has various child safety products to minimize the risk of suffering. Our mission is: "Create a safe world for children to grow, learn, and play!"






Schools play an essential role in child development. Education is preparing the children for society and their future lives as adults. There are different school systems that vary per country. In the United States, the K-12 public school system is applied where children attend school from Preschool (age 3-5) until High School (age 17-18). In the Netherlands, children attend primary school from 4 to 12 years of age. From groups 1 to 8, they learn new things every year that contribute to development and then move on to secondary education. Outside the school holidays and public holidays, children spent around 6 hours per day at school for five days a week. This is a substantial part of their day and lives, and thus requires a pleasant and safe environment where they feel happy.

The children learn and play throughout the day. A child-safe school is essential to cause as little suffering as possible. An accident can happen easily, thus injuries must be prevented as much as possible at all times. A door, table corner, hard surface, mirror, radiator and window initially seem harmless. There are many situations in which these objects can be turned into potential hazards, such as a stumbling child near these objects.

It is therefore important to cover these objects or to protect them with specially developed child safety products. Every room has sharp corners and edges which, to a lesser or greater extent may pose a hazard to children. The more of these objects are shielded, the better. With the premium solutions from Arte Viva you make the school safe for children.

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Finger Alert Pro 180 kindergarten_edited



Door finger guards prevent finger pinching by children and ensure that the hinge and door handle side of the door are protected. This means that children cannot get their fingers caught in the door. You can find more information about our door finger protection for children here.


Corner protection has been developed to cover sharp corners and edges so that children cannot get hurt. The corner protection from Arte Viva comes in different types, with fun colors to stand out or transparent to remain unobtrusive. You can find more information about our corner protection for schools and daycare centers here.


Walls and pillars are sometimes not in the places where you want them, in the middle of a playroom or just too close to the playground. With wall and pillar protection you ensure that a soft and shock-absorbing layer is placed in front of it. You can find more information about our wall and pillar protection for children here.


The window protection from Arte Viva ensures that the opening of the window is limited to 10 cm. This way, the window can be opened so that it is dangerous for the child. In addition to the protection for the child, the Arte Viva window protection also offers protection against burglars from outside. You can find more information about our window protection for children here.


Child safe mirrors for the classroom, corridor or toilet. A traditional mirror is fragile and shards are created when it breaks. The child safe mirror of Arte Viva is shatterproof and impact resistant. Even in case of a hard blow the mirror does not break. Children cannot hurt themselves with broken glass. You can find more information about our child-proof mirrors here.


A corridor full of coats and bags hanging on the coat rack. The Safe Coat Hook from Arte Viva is strong and yet flexible when needed. The different colors make the coat hooks a nice addition to the interior. More information about our coat hooks can be found here.


The Anti Slip stickers are rough stickers that you can attach to different surfaces. The Anti Slip Stickers ensure a non-slip surface. The stickers are easy to attach on, for example, the stairs and in the toilet. More information about our Anti Slip Stickers can be found here.

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I absolutely think this should be on doors where there are children coming and going. I did experience a child at a school get their fingers broken because they put them in the opening by the hinges.

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