Tips for working from home with children
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Tips for working from home with children

Schools and kindergartens will remain closed in the coming weeks to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus. Many parents are therefore at home with their children. How do you get through these weeks? And how do you do your job? We have collected some useful tips and tricks.

10 tips for home office with children

  1. Make a schedule

  2. Work in shifts if possible

  3. Postpone your work to other times

  4. Don't try to do everything at once and at the same time

  5. Keep an overview: Write a to-do list every day

  6. Set clear communication rules for your home office with your children

  7. Continue to contact your manager closely

  8. If possible, retreat to your own room.

  9. Draw clear boundaries

  10. Don't be too hard on yourself

8 bonus tips to keep your kids busy at home

  1. Make a box with different toys for every week

  2. Trust your child to do something on his own

  3. Help each other if possible

  4. Give schoolchildren fixed tasks

  5. Use educational websites

  6. Let your kids do fun things

  7. Screen time: be less strict and allow a little more screen time

  8. Involve the children in the daily chores


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